Free "Simple Forex Mastery" Workshop In Singapore 2020
 “Learn Step-By-Step How To Start Your Own Enjoyable Trading Journey... & Create A Trading Plan That You Can Implement Immediately Without Risking Capital!” 
Both Beginners & Current Traders Highly Welcome!
Free "Simple Forex Mastery" Workshop In Singapore
 “Learn Step-By-Step How To Start Your Own Enjoyable Trading Journey... & Create A Trading Plan That You Can Implement Immediately Without Risking Capital!” 
Both Beginners & Current Traders Highly Welcome!
Accelerate your journey to becoming a profitable Forex trader when you learn...
  • How To Profit Even If You Make The Wrong Trades - Learn the "Twin Engine" strategy traders are using to generate results... even if they're wrong 50% of the time
  • How To Create Your Own Trading Plan Without Risking A Single Cent Of Your Initial Capital - Profit from Forex by risking no more than 1% of your account per trade
  • How To Profit In Upwards, Downwards Or Sideways Markets - Even during a recession, learn how to take advantage of the trillion-dollar Forex market so you can profit even while others are bleeding money
  • The Trading Shortcut To Make High-Probability Trades In Just 30 Mins/ Day... without having to struggle with candlesticks!
  • How To Configure Profitable Trade Setups & Automate Your Trades... so that you can simply trade on-the-go or from the comfort of your own home!
  • BONUS: Find out how you can get your hands on a 'Live' Account to get started... Even if you have ZERO CAPITAL

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, our workshop is cancelled until further notice.

Thank  you for your kind understanding. Stay safe!

You will receive a BONUS Forex QuickStart Guide when you sign up!

You will receive a BONUS Forex QuickStart Guide when you sign up!

Quickstart 3-Step Guide: How To Start Creating Passive Income Using Forex

Quickstart 3-Step Guide: How To Start Creating Passive Income Using Forex

5 Ways You Can Benefit By Trading Forex

It’s A 24-Hour Market, 5 Days A Week
The Forex Market is worldwide, so trading is continuous, meaning you have the flexibility to profit at nearly any moment.
It’s The Largest Financial Market
With $4 - $5 trillion traded daily, it has become one of the most accessible and globally active trading markets
It’s Highly Liquid
In Forex, high liquidity means you can move large amounts of money in and out or currencies with small differences between bid prices for buyers and prices for sellers.
It’s Profitable From Both Rising & Falling Prices
With Forex, you can profit from its volatility and even make huge gains when the market is falling.
It's Executed Online Via An Electronic Platform
Which means as long as you are connected to the internet, you can place trades via an online trading platform from anywhere - your home, office and mobile.
It’s Easy To Start
Starting your trading journey doesn’t require a lot of money and learning how to trade well is as easy as learning the fundamentals and strategies from experienced traders.

Who Will Benefit From This Workshop

Trading Beginners: who want to learn a step-by-step method to create a winning trading plan and profit consistently... right from the start!
Frustrated Traders: who are stuck in stagnant trades and want to learn the trick to profiting in rising/falling/sideways markets!
Risk-Averse Traders: who want to “play it safe” in currency trading and reduce the risk of evaporating your capital down to 0%

Attendees To Date:

Forex Education - To Make Forex Trading Intuitive & Simple

Simple Forex Mastery is a FREE workshop created to educate beginners on the market and teach experienced traders to better their trading skillset.

To date, more than 2350 attendees have benefited from our workshop & learnt exactly how to profit in the fast-moving Forex market.

You'll be learning from... 

Alexis Ho

Professional Forex Trader & Speaker
Alexis is a highly successful trader with over 9 years of experience in the Forex market. She combines both Fundamental and Technical Analysis to understand market movements and capitalizes on the trade data. 

Having had remarkable success in Forex trading, she is now deeply passionate in sharing her knowledge with beginners and seasoned traders alike.

Gary Lafferty

Distinguished Forex Trader & Speaker
Gary is a top Forex expert from the UK and he is armed with over 15 years of solid trading experience. Having spoken to more than 150,000 worldwide and being exclusively interviewed on CNBC for the Singapore Investment Week, Gary’s expert advice is clearly sought after.

And the best part is - He is greatly passionate in sharing his knowledge to help working people to achieve success in trading!

Paul Botterill

Co-Trainer & Co-Founder, Actions To Wealth
Hailing from New Zealand, Paul has over 10 years of experience trading the markets. He is a highly successful trader who has decided to share his knowledge and help people win in the Forex market.

More importantly... Paul "walks the talk" and trades with the EXACT systems he teaches, and also trades a fund with a group of professional traders. 
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